Annemieke Beekmans
Director, Aidenvironment
Beekmans has a background in social cultural science. From 1996 to 2008 she worked in Latin America and Africa, advising NGOs and the public and private sector on poverty reduction through sustainable investment and sourcing. In 2009, Annemieke joined Aidenvironment to work on sustainability impact assessments, agro-commodities and corporate social responsibility related assignments.


Tim Steinweg
Consultant, Aidenvironment Asia
Steinweg has a background in International Development Studies. From 2007 to 2015, he worked as a corporate researcher at the Center for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO). He is specialized in combining desk research on business strategies, corporate structures and finance with field research on human rights and environmental impacts.

Eric Wakker
Senior Consultant, Aidenvironment
Wakker has acquired, executed and coordinated numerous consultancy projects relating to natural resource management and trade, with a focus on the forestry, plantation and agricultural sectors in Southeast Asia.  His areas of expertise are research, sustainability risks assessments, strategy development and  multi-stakeholder dialogue. Eric has many years of experience in the Asian palm oil sector.

AZ pic
Adriani Zakaria
Manager, Aidenvironment Asia
Zakaria has worked as a campaigner, researcher and auditor, the mainstay of his work being associated with the palm oil sector in Indonesia. He has extensive experience with field work and working with local communities, local NGOs, as well as with the media, judicial institutions, government and parliament. He has expertise in legal and policy analysis, satellite imagery and advocacy work.

Zach Drennen
Communications Manager, Climate Advisers
Drennen is Communications Manager with Climate Advisers, and provides nimble strategic communications for clients and coalitions, while building the organization’s reach and branding. He has experience with press for political campaigns, think tanks, and advocacy organizations.

Joel Finkelstein
Managing Director, Climate Advisers
Finkelstein provides breakthrough strategy and execution for clients and coalitions. He has 19 years of experience creating communications campaigns for good.

Gabriel Thoumi, CFA, FRM
Director Capital Markets, Climate Advisers
Thoumi provides global financial analysis for mitigating systemic climate risk while advising on “greening” capital markets for clients and coalitions. He has 15 years of experience managing and deploying frameworks to improve global capital markets sustainability through risk mitigation and return enhancement.

Jan Willem van Gelder
Director, Profundo
van Gelder was trained as a development economist and has been active in the field of corporate economic research for more than 25 years. His research and consultancy experience spans a broad range of economic sectors, countries, commodity chains and CSR themes.

Barbara Kuepper
Senior Researcher, Profundo
Barbara has a background in natural sciences. She has extensive experience in investigating and analyzing international corporate trade, supply chains, financial relations, and CSR issues. After working for international CSOs for more than 15 years, Barbara joined Profundo in 2012 to conduct research on different commodity sectors and their environmental and social impacts.

Milena Levicharova
Equity Analyst, Profundo
Milena was trained in Business Administration and also holds a bachelor and master’s degree in Finance. She is on track of becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst and has already passed Level I of the CFA program.  Milena conducts business and financial analyses, while her focus is on forecasting. She develops statistical models and risk simulations.

Gerard Rijk
Senior Equity Analyst, Profundo
Gerard has a background in macro economy and has worked for many years in the investment industry covering food, beverage and retail stocks as well as banks and insurance companies. He joined Profundo in 2017, where he is engaged in equity research of companies active in the agricultural value chain, in the consumer good industry and in financial sector.