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WEBINAR: Evaluating the Universe of Risks in Indonesia Palm Oil

March 30, 2021

On April 15th, the Zoological Society of London SPOTT (ZSL SPOTT), Chain Reaction Research (CRR), and Orbitas hosted a webinar to discuss financiers should analyze a broad range of risks amongst palm oil companies in Indonesia as well as the whole supply chain to inform their ESG investment and lending strategies. Combining company transparency and policy data, sustainability and financial risk analysis, and climate transition analysis, this discussion will aid novices and experts on how to more holistically evaluate companies across the palm oil supply chain in Indonesia and abroad when taking the downstream sector into account. Topics covered include:

  • ZSL SPOTT provided an overview of Indonesia’s palm oil sector and how to put palm oil producers’ and traders’ commitments, practices, and disclosure into perspective.
  • CRR analysts covered how to analyze the sustainability and financial risks of individual companies, upstream and downstream, reviewing their policies, behavior, and access to capital.
  • Orbitas shared its research on the importance of analyzing climate transition risks and how to begin thinking about longer-term risks (and opportunities) for the palm oil sector in Indonesia.

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