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Webinar: You have deforestation in your supply chain: What now?

March 21, 2019

About this event

This event is hosted by Ceres. Register here.

Advances in satellite monitoring and activist campaigning have continued to highlight agricultural-driven deforestation happening in tropical biomes, tying environmental destruction to name brand companies. Numerous companies have commitments to end deforestation in their supply chains, but it is often unclear how companies act to end non-compliance from their suppliers. Public pressure on companies to act quickly in instances of non-compliance will only increase over time, and lack of response will result in continued reputation risks to companies and potential negative financial impacts to investors.

Whether stemming from direct or indirect suppliers, companies should be able to demonstrate to investors and consumers that they can hold suppliers accountable for any lack of enforcement of policies. Join us for an educational webinar that will highlight a new issue brief from Ceres on supplier non-compliance and will identify interventions where investors can move the needle.

About the presenters

Leah Samberg

Leah is a scientist with the Rainforest Alliance working to build and support ethical and sustainable agricultural supply chains. She is also a member of the Steering Group for the Accountability Framework initiative along with eleven other partner organizations. Leah will speak about the Accountability Framework’s guidance on supplier non-compliance protocols and how this contributes to the critical mission of ending deforestation in agricultural supply chains.

Tim Steinweg

Tim is a consultant with Aidenvironment specifically focusing on sustainable value chains. Tim will discuss some of the rapid response work Aidenvironment has deployed to monitor deforestation on the ground, recent research from Chain Reaction Research and share his insight on why this underpins the importance of supplier non-compliance protocols.


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