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AidEnvironment is a not-for-profit sustainability research, strategy and advisory organization that combines data, cutting-edge technology, systemic thinking and boots on the ground understanding to achieve transformative sector change. We produce actionable insights and implement sustainable solutions for NGOs, governments, finance institutions and businesses, with a goal to help protect and restore ecosystems and improve livelihoods. We work within the following themes:

  • Integrated and sustainable water (under the name of RAIN) and landscape management
  • Deforestation and exploitation free supply chains
  • Sustainable sector transformation

AidEnvironment works internationally and has three offices worldwide (Amsterdam, Indonesia and Uganda) with a team of 45 experts. We earn an income through a mix of consultancy assignments and project implementation.

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Profundo is an independent not-for-profit company with a clear mission. With profound and fact-based research and advice, we aim to make a practical contribution to a sustainable world and social justice. Working for NGOs, governments, research institutes, investors and businesses, we help our clients to understand financial and trade relations and to identify opportunities and obstructions for a sustainable transition.  More at

Climate Advisers works to strengthen climate action in the United States and around the world through research, analysis, public policy advocacy and communications strategies. We partner with governments, non-profits, philanthropies, international organizations, financial institutions and companies to help deliver the clean economy. We develop and promote sensible, high-impact initiatives that improve lives, enhance international security and strengthen communities. Climate Advisers currently consists of several independent organizations collaborating to advance the same mission, including: Climate Advisers Trust, a U.S. non-profit, Climate Advisers United Kingdom, a U.K. non-profit, and Climate Advisers Incorporated, a global consultancy. Further information is available at

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