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Aidenvironment is a value-driven, independent, not-for-profit consultancy addressing sustainability issues. As a consultancy we advise, support and encourage organizations in realizing their sustainability ambitions. As a hothouse, we set up smart, small-scale drinking water initiatives that have the potential to generate high-impact solutions. More at

Profundo is an independent not-for-profit company with a clear mission. With profound and fact-based research and advice, we aim to make a practical contribution to a sustainable world and social justice. Working for NGOs, governments, research institutes, investors and businesses, we help our clients to understand financial and trade relations and to identify opportunities and obstructions for a sustainable transition.  More at

Climate Advisers Climate Advisers is a mission-driven policy and politics shop working to deliver a strong low-carbon economy. In the United States and around the world, we create and implement large-scale, cost-effective strategies to strengthen climate action and improve lives. We work with philanthropies, think tanks, advocacy groups, international institutions, companies and governments. More at

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