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EU Deforestation Regulation: Implications for the Palm Oil Industry and Its Financers

June 28, 2022

Chain Reaction Research on July 11 held a webinar to discuss the European Commission’s new regulation on deforestation-free products and how its requirements will affect the palm oil industry. The upcoming law, expected for implementation in 2023, will have implications for the palm oil supply chain actors and its financers. We will discuss our recently published report on the regulation identifying the potential costs of compliance and financial risks of non-compliance. Watch this webinar to learn more about the regulation’s relevant implications for the palm oil industry around traceability, smallholder exclusion, leakage, and the December 2020 cut-off date.

The CRR team was joined by special guest Etelle Higonnet, independent forest policy expert. She shared insights on the FOREST Act in the United States and other regulations being advanced in national and sub-national jurisdictions, which would have significant impacts on the industry by barring imports of palm oil grown on illegally deforested land.

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