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WEBINAR: Palm Oil Production in Latin America & Its Links to NDPE Violations

December 6, 2021

In the light of environmental and social sustainability concerns in relation to palm oil from Southeast Asia, several Latin American countries see the opportunity to open export markets as they present palm oil from the region as a more sustainable option. However, social and environmental sustainability concerns are also prominent in the Latin American sector and require ongoing due diligence. In Brazil, specifically, oil palm growers have argued that palm oil production is a “green solution” to safeguard the Amazon as a result of planting on areas already degraded and cleared only before 2008. While palm oil production in the Brazilian Amazon has relatively lower environmental impacts than soy and beef, palm oil expansion has been linked to deforestation, fires, exploitive labor conditions, and land disputes. Chain Reaction Research’s recent reports on Latin America palm oil expansion and Brazilian palm oil’s threats to NDPE commitments inspire the discussion in this webinar amongst CRR analysts.

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