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Tunas Baru Lampung

May 4, 2021

Company name: Tunas Baru Lampung (TBLA)

Registration location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Ownership/ ultimate beneficial owner: Sungai Budi Group has 28% of the shares and Budi Delta Swakarya PT 27%. Dimensional, Schroder, State Street, NN Group and individual shareholders have positions.

Management information: Widarto (President Director)

Stock exchange listing: Indonesia Stock Exchange

Sectors: Grower, refiner, trader

Subsidiaries/ brands

PT Bumi Sentosa Abadi, Oil palm plantation
PT Bangun Nusa Indah Lampung, Sugar cane plantation
PT Budi Dwiyasa Perkasa, Oil palm plantation
PT Adikarya Gemilang, Oil palm and sugar cane plantation, sugar cane mill
PT Bangun Tatalampung Asri, Oil palm plantation
PT Budinusa Ciptawahana, Oil palm plantation
PT Agro Bumi Mas, Palm oil refinery
PT Bumi Perkasa Gemilang, Oil palm plantation and palm oil refinery
PT Solusi Jaya Perkasa, Oil palm plantation
PT Dinamika Graha Sarana, Sugar cane plantation
PT Samora Usaha Jaya, Oil palm plantation
TBLA International Pte. Ltd., Parent company
Tunas Baru International Pte. Ltd.
(indirect ownership), Investment, trading, and consultation

Sustainability performance

No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation policy: The group’s sustainability policy encapsulates a commitment to achieve sustainable development goals but does not meet NDPE standard.

Deforestation within owned concessions (2016-2020): 70 ha

Peat clearance within owned concessions (2016-2020): 9,900 ha

Peat forest clearance within owned concessions (2016-2020): 2,800 ha

Deforestation within current supply chain: not available

Peat clearance within current supply chain: not available

Peat forest clearance within current supply chain: not available

Social issues:

  • In 2017, communities from three villages namely Sunsang, Kotabumi and Penengah blocked access road to the PT Adi Karya Gemilang (PT AKG) plantation. It was triggered by the event that the land that should have been returned to the communities has now been controlled by PT AKG, even though mediation has been carried out several times at both the local government and regional parliament levels.
  • In 2019, based on the findings of the NGO Prison and community complaints the company PT Agro Bumi Mas (PT ABM) violated Law No. 32 of 2009 concerning Environment Protection and Management. PT ABM’s activities are suspected to have polluted the river and caused air pollution in the Village of Hankau Jaya, North Sungkai District.
  • In 2016, residents who are members of the BNIL Eviction Victims Farmers Union (STKGB) demand the return of community land now controlled by PT Bangun Nusa Indah Lampung (PT BNIL). Based on the agreement through the Swakarsa Transmigration Program, each evicted victim received compensation for 2 hectares of land, which until now has not been realized. It was further stated that the company, assisted by the local authorities, forced residents to sign a blank form containing the Minutes of Land Transfer (plasma) and compensation unilaterally.
  • In 2017, PT Gedung Tata Lampung Asri (PT BTLA) is suspected of having taken over 1,000 ha of land owned by the Dar Elbarokah Foundation. The land was a grant from the village of Wiralaga Mesuji, which had been completed with an agreement and was known by the local village officials. Various legal efforts have been made by the foundation, but the results have not yet been resolved to this problem.
  • In 2016, PT Samora Usaha Jaya (PT SUJ) was ordered to stop land tilling activities in Ujung Tanjung Village. This decision was issued because the PT SUJ has not pocketed a Plantation Business Permit (IUP) and is alleged to have also taken over 800 ha of community land.

Certification: The plantations are ISPO certified, while the refinery and kernel crushing plant facilities are RSPO

Supply chain links: not available

Supplementary information

In 2018, TBLA was suspended by many important customers due to deforestation issue. CRR estimated a market cap decline by USD 161 million during that year due to the suspensions.

After the suspension event, TBLA supplied to buyers without NDPE commitment, such as to South Korean and China market, and as a supplier for Indonesian biodiesel program.

Financial information (in USD million) 2019 2020 YoY growth
Annual revenue 603 747 +24%
Gross profit 148 NA NA
Net profit 47 47 -1%
Market cap ultimo preceding year 384 359 -7%
Enterprise value ultimo preceding year 937 NA NA

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