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Sarah Drost

July 19, 2021

Sarah Drost (MSc) joined Aidenvironment in May 2017. As a member of the Food, Forest & Finance team, she has a particular focus on commodity-related deforestation (palm oil, soy and beef), responsible sourcing, and sustainability risk analysis. In her previous positions at the Clingendael Institute and the Partnerships Resource Centre (RSM-EUR), she has built a track record of projects related to value chain development in challenging settings. Her experience includes extensive fieldwork in Africa and Asia, and qualitative as well as quantitative methods. With a keen eye for local dynamics and power structures, her value chain analyses and risk assessments will benefit from thorough contextualization of the socioeconomic and political field of operation for value chain stakeholders. Her key interest is on social issues in commodity chains, e.g. the loss of social and cultural values as a result of plantation development, human rights and labour issues, conflicts over natural resources, gender inequality, and land grabbing. 

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