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WEBINAR: Why Cross-Commodity Policies Are Critical to Ending Southeast Asia Deforestation

January 10, 2023

The palm oil sector has seen significant decreases in deforestation over the past few years with most land clearing done by just a few companies. However, deforestation in Southeast Asia is still a cause for concern, and many palm oil suppliers are tied to subsidiaries and other entities clearing new land for timber and mining.

To continue reducing deforestation in Southeast Asia, new approaches are needed. CRR held a webinar to discuss our report that focused on one potential solution: cross-commodity deforestation policies. Applying zero-deforestation policies, which have been successful in the palm oil sector, across company structures and activities to other commodities could be a relatively low-cost and effective measure to address deforestation and prevent financial risks for buyers and investors.

Special guest Rob Collier of the Earthworm Foundation joined CRR experts to discuss the report and the importance of this new private-sector approach to ending deforestation in Southeast Asia.

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