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Ciliandry Anky Abadi

May 4, 2021

Company name: Ciliandry Anky Abadi

Registration location: Indonesia

Ownership/ ultimate beneficial owner: The Fangiono family (Ciliandry Fangiono and Wiras Anky Fangiono)

Stock exchange listing: not available

Sectors: Grower

Subsidiaries/ brands

Palm oil mills:
PT Borneo Ketapang Indah
PT Tirta Madu

Oil palm plantations:
PT Agrindo Green Lestari
PT Ciliandry Anky Abadi
PT Citra Agro Abadi
PT Citra Agro Perkasa Abadi
PT Citra Mitra Perkasa Utama
PT Ketapang Subur Lestari
PT Tridaya Hutan Lestari
PT Heroes Green Energy

Sustainability performance

No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation policy: No

Deforestation within owned concessions since 2016: 10,200 ha

Social issue:

  • A conflict between PT Agro Green Lestari with residents of Lawang Uru Village has been ongoing since 2013. People have been opposing oil palm developments in the concession area as they rely on the forest for daily livelihood.
  • People living around PT Ketapang Subur Lestari’s concession are asking the land back as they need it for farming. The case has been continuing for a long time and as of 2019, it had not reached any settlement.
  • A Forest Peoples Programme’s report released in February 2021 features different social conflicts involving Ciliandry Anky Abadi’s subsidiaries and various communities:
    • A land conflict between PT AGL and Lawang Uru village
    • Residents of 15 villages from Banama Tingang sub-district, Pulang Pisau District and PT Citra Agro Perkasa Abadi
    • The community of Muara Plantau and PT Heroes Green Energy
    • The community of Tangkan village and PT Ketapang Subur Lestari

Certification: According to Musim Mas’ grievance list, two of the group’s oil palm concessions have been certified Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO).

Supply chain links: Not available

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