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The Fangiono Family Companies

May 4, 2021

The Fangiono Family companies consist of First Resources, Ciliandry Anky Abadi, and Fangiono Agro Plantation. The three group companies are run by different individuals related by blood, therefore these can be deemed as a family-business group of companies. A CRR report on shadow companies demonstrated how using various family trusts is a strategy that has been used by companies to hide unsustainable practices. First Resources has released a statement in 2016 and 2018 respectively, stating that the group is not affiliated with FAP Agri and CAA does not have any business relationship with FAP Agri except besides on ad-hoc basis.

Company name: First Resources

Registration location: Singapore

Ownership/ ultimate beneficial owner: The Fangiono family

Stock exchange listing: Listed on the Singapore exchange since 2007

Sectors: Grower and refiner

Subsidiaries/ brands

Direct Ownership:
PT Ciliandra Perkasa, Oil palm plantation and palm oil processing
PT Borneo Ketapang Permai, Oil palm plantation
PT Adhitya Serayakorita, Refiner and palm kernel crushing
First Resources Trading Pte. Ltd, Marketing and distribution of palm oil
Lynhurst Investment Pte. Ltd., Investment holding
PT Falcon Agri Persada, Oil palm plantation

Indirect ownership:
PT Surya Intisari Raya, Oil palm plantation
PT Perdana Intisawit Perkasa, Oil palm plantation
PT Bumi Sawit Perkasa, Oil palm plantation
PT Priatama Riau, Oil palm plantation
PT Surya Dumai Agrindo, Oil palm plantation
PT Pancasurya Garden, Oil palm seed breeding
PT Wahana Prima Sejati, Land ownership
PT Meridan Sejatisurya Plantation, Oil palm plantation
PT Pancasurya Binasejahtera, Investment holding
PT Muriniwood Indah Industry, Oil palm plantation
PT Kalimantan Green Persada, Investment holding
PT Gerbang Sawit Indah, Oil palm plantation
PT Matthew Air Nusantara, Aircraft ownership and management
PT Setia Agrindo Jaya, Investment holding
PT Karya Tama Bakti Mulia, Oil palm plantation
PT Subur Arummakmur, Oil palm plantation
PT Arindo Trisejahtera, Oil palm plantation
PT Limpah Sejahtera, Oil palm plantation
PT Mitra Karya Sentosa Oil palm plantation
PT Umekah Saripratama, Oil palm plantation
PT Pulau Tiga Lestari Jaya, Oil palm plantation
PT Ketapang Agro Lestari, Oil palm plantation
PT Borneopersada Energy Jaya, Oil palm plantation
PT Bonero Damai Lestari, Rubber plantation
PT Citra Agro Kencana, Oil palm plantation
PT Borneopersada Prima Jaya, Rubber plantation
PT Maha Karya Bersama, Oil palm plantation
PT Borneo Damai Lestari Raya, Rubber plantation
PT Citra Palma Kencana, Oil palm plantation
PT Indo Manis Lestari, Non-operating
PT Indogreen Jaya Abadi, Oil palm plantation
PT Setia Agrindo Lestari, Oil palm plantation
PT Setia Agrindo Mandiri, Oil palm plantation
PT Swadaya Mukti Prakarsa, Oil palm plantation

Sustainability performance

No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation policy: Yes

Deforestation within owned concessions since 2016: 800 ha

Deforestation within current supply chain: not available

Social issues: Two complaints were submitted to RSPO against First Resources in 2012 and 2018 respectively. The first case involved PT Borneo Surya Minang Jaya and the community of Muara Tae which accused the company of land grabbing over customary land. This case was closed under “unresolved” status. The second case involved PT Swadaya Mukti Prakarsa. The company had allegedly cultivated land without ensuring the Free Prior and Informed consent of the owner. The case reached a mutually agreed resolution.

Certification: Three mills, two refineries, and one kernel crushing plant are RSPO Nine palm oil mills are ISPO certified. More than 50,000 ha of its plantations, six palm oil ills, refineries, and bulking facilities are ISCC certified.

Supply chain links: Traceability report

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