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Mewah Group

April 29, 2021

Company name: Mewah Group

Registration location: Singapore

Ownership/ ultimate beneficial owner: Mewah Group’s business started in the 1950s. The company is currently run by the Cheo family.

Stock exchange listing: Singapore stock exchange

Sectors: Refineries and consumer goods

Subsidiaries/ brands:

Subsidiaries/facility names Activities
MOI South America Trader
MOI International (Australia) Pty Ltd Trader
Krispi Benin Limited Trader
MOI Foods (Shanghai) Co Ltd Trader
MOI Foods Ghana Limited Trader
Mewah Oils India Private Ltd Trader
MOI Commodities India Pvt Ltd Trader
PT Angso Duo Sawit Palm oil mill
PT Jambi Batanghari Plantation Oil palm plantation
MOI Foods Ivory Coast Ltd Trader
Bremfield Sdn Bhd Biodiesel plant
Mewah Dairies Sdn Bhd Consumer goods manufacturer
Mewah Datu Sdn Bhd Refinery
Mewah-Oils Sdn Bhd Refinery
Mewaholeo Industries Sdn Bhd Refinery and packaging plant
MOI Foods (M) Sdn Bhd Consumer goods manufacturer
Ngo Chew Hong Oils & Fats (M) Sdn Bhd Refinery
MOI Foods Nigeria Ltd Trader
LLC ‘Krispi Oil Russia’ Trader
Mewah Oils & Fats Pte Ltd Trader
MOI International (Singapore) Pte Ltd Trader
Ngo Chew Hong Edible Oil Pte Ltd Consumer goods manufacturer
MOI Foods (Thailand) Co Ltd Trader
Krispi Oil (Turkey) Ltd Sti Trader
MOI Foods-SMC Uganda Limited Trader
MOI Foods USA Inc. Trader
Singapore packing plant Packaging plant
Westport plant Refinery and packing plant
PT Nilam Suryajaya Manufacturer and distributor of edible oils and fats



Sustainability performance

No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation policy: Yes

Deforestation within current supply chain since 2016: 16,000 ha

Social issues: In 2017, PT Angso Duo Sawit was alleged to be polluting Tempino river with its mill effluent. People who used to catch fish from the river were no longer able to do so.

Certifications: Mewah facilities are RSPO certified (Mass Balance/MB and Segregate). The refinery and biodiesel facilities are ISCC certified. Mewa facilities in Malaysia also MSPO certified, which is a national certification system in Malaysia.

Supply chain links: Mewah Group traceability document

Supplementary Information

In 2015, Mewah through its subsidiaries in Indonesia PT Nilam Suryajaya entered into conditional sale and purchase agreement to buy PT Sanggam Harapan Sejahtera, a company that found to have cleared forest approximately 1,500 ha between November 2017 to December 2019. Later in 2018, Mewah announced that the agreement was expired and no longer would pursue the acquisition. Despite this statement, Aidenvironment found that Mewah still has significant link with PT Sanggam Harapan Sejahtera. The director of PT Sanggam Harapan Sejahtera’s majority shareholder has also been the director of Mewah’s associated company, Ecolex Sdn Bhd. This associated company is owned by The Cheo’s, the grandchildren of Mewah’s founder.
Financial information (in USD million) 2019 2020 YoY growth
Annual revenue 2,817 3,446 +22%
Gross profit 124 271 +119%
EBITDA 28 143 +411%
Net profit 9 87 +866%
Market cap ultimo preceding year 266 375 +41%
Enterprise value ultimo preceding year 614 586 -5%

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